We are excited to announce the launch of our Pioneer program, with the first Polaroid photographers coming from all over the world.

The Pioneers are passionate Polaroid photographers who want to collaborate and help develop the best instant conversion ever. They will be the first users of the Newland Instant Back and they will be invited to participate in the Newland Collection, including the publication of a dedicated book and an exhibition to show all the possibilities of Newland.

Eva Cano / Jean-Pierre Guenec / Vincent Gabriel / 8poses / Michael Meniane / Johnny Jimbowall / Instant surf / Foldingpolaroidcameras / Lilian Wildeboer / Emily Morgan / Etisteban / Creative mind photography / Lebonbonacidule / Martin Jones / Fanny Genty / Vincent Radzinski / Patrizio Cipollini / Albert Cornelissen / Julia Beyer / Ben Fraternale / Insta Erik / Bruno Hass / Polaroidgirl / Major Greco / Jim Chabot / Susana Mendonca / Instagenics / Irene Georgiou / Christopher Myers / Chris Marcum / Elliot Payne / Analog.hotpants / PJ Maracle / Chelcie Rice / Julio Contreras / Iamina / Jean Beaudoin / Theforestboss / Roxanneonfilm / Oscar / Shophorthq / Coldstored / Ryan Lane / Norman / Luc MT / Vintage girl studio / Ember Analogica / Mirawats / Reuben Negron / Ari Lieberman / Jana Andresen / Samuel Salinas / Sofie Fernandez / Enzo Lucia / Kyle Depew / Andy Muscroft / Jeff Sutera / Ariel David / Instant Charlie / Jonathan Yap / Lucca Barnet / Silver Fox / Sasserpatrick / and more...


You're the owner of a folding Land camera? (compatibilities here)
The Pioneer program is for you! 

Professionals and non professionals from all over the world, you love your camera and want to keep on using them with new integral Polaroid film. 


  1. Be the first to use the Newland adapter. First batch will be reserved for Pioneers.
  2. Special discount for Pioneer members plus some extra goodies.
  3. Publication in a dedicated book and participation to the Newland Collection.


  • Select from 5 to 10 photos (pack film and integral film accepted)
  • Tell us who you are, which camera do you have and why you love it.
  • Send your submission to
Deadline for application : 25th of December 2021

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