Battery Modification to AAA

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Instructions to convert automatics Land cameras using two AAA cells of 1,5V.

Note: The actual generation of batteries are more powerful than obsoletes battery of the 60's, so two AAA batteries are sufficient to power devices that were previously supplied with 4.5V and it has been shown that these devices only require 2.2V. So this conversion with two AAA batteries is valid for all automatics models 100-400 series.


- Holder for 2 AAA battery
- Two AAA battery
- Screwdriver
- Scisors
- Electrical tape
- Soldering iron (optional)
- Heat shrink (optional)

Step 1 - Open the compartment

The battery compartment is located at the rear left of the device, a small notch at the top of its cover allows it to be opened. If the device contains an old battery, take it out of its holder and remove it, puting off the black and white snaps. If there are traces of oxidation in the compartment you can clean it with a cloth and hot water.

For metal body
Step 2 - Remove the old holder

Unscrew the screw in the center of the holder and remove the old holder from the compartment, this will make room for the new battery holder. Go to step 3

For plastic body
Step 2 - Break the clips

Plastic body camera don't have a screw to putt off the old holder, so you have to break this clips to make some space for the new holder. By pressing with the thumb they should break, otherwise move the clips up and down several times to break.

Step 3 - Cut and strip wires

Cut the snaps as close as possible to them to have as many white and black threads as possible. Then carefully strip these two wires over, as well as the wires from the new support. If you have thermo sheaths place them on the red and black wire.

Step 4 - Connect the wires

First intertwine the black threads together, completely enroll them. Repeat with the red and the white thread. This should be strong, if you have a soldering iron you can solde a point for a better connection.

Step 5 - Protect the connections

Cut two small pieces of electrical tape and wrap around the connection of the wires to protect them. If you had placed a sheath, you can put it over the tape and heat it with a lighter so that it retracts.

Step 6 - Install the holder

Place the AAA batteries in the new adapter and insert it into the battery compartment. You can now test the cell to make sure that it works correctly. see the tutorial of the test

Important: Do not throw your batteries in the trash, used batteries should be returned to the point of sale - all stores that sell batteries are required to take them back. There are also waste collection points, used batteries will be partly recycled and processed appropriately for a lower impact on the environment.

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